A Bit About Us

Born, raised and cultured in the salty Florida waterways, the Barracuda Boatworks family lives and breathes everything water related. With fishing, boating and family at the very top of that list, we strive to create the most versatile yet simple vessel.

The Cuda27, is a perfect representation of how deep our passion runs for this craft as well as the fishing and boating lifestyle. When you choose to have a Barracuda Boat, you will be meeting face to face with the owner to discuss the many customizations possible to design the boat perfect for you. You will also be clued in on every aspect of the building process. We have an 'open door' policy, meaning you can come by the shop and literally watch your boat being built. Here at Barracuda Boatworks we not only build boats, but strong personal connections with our clients. Having exceptional customer service and communication can make all the difference in your experience with us and we strive to deliver the best in every aspect.

Quality vs. Quantity
Customer Service

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