Loa: 27'3"
Beam: 8'9"
Deadrise: 12 degrees
Draft: 12"
Rear transom water line to water line width: 7'3"
Max HP: 400

The Cuda 27's hull was designed to be a wave slicing, smooth, stable and dry ride capable of running inshore as well as offshore with maximum fishability and family comfort. Plus an unlimited amount of options and customizable features which makes this the most versatile fishing platform on the water. Whether it's snook fishing in the mangroves or heading to wide open sea we have you covered. Starting from the bow it was designed with a deep-v bow entry with double lifting strakes and reverse chines running down the entire wetted surface of the hull. The purpose of the double lifting strakes are to help with the boats tracking while performing sharp turns and maneuvering as well as creating lift and acting as water deflectors. The reverse chines deflect water down when slicing through waves to keep the water from rising up the side of the boat and blowing all over the occupants. The deep-v bow transitions into a flat-running pad that progressively gets wider as it goes towards the stern. The flat pad creates a stable running surface while on plane which takes less horse power compared to a v-hull bottom to get on a plane and stay on a plane which saves fuel. When the boat is at rest the flat pad creates a much more stable less rocky vessel over the v-hull bottom as well. The trim tabs are recessed into the hull to create a more effective trim system as they are most responsive in this location.The transom of the boat is rounded so while in reverse the water rolls off the sides of the hull to stop water from coming over the transom.

The Cuda 27's interior features a true self bailing hull (it does not drain into the bilge), large walk around gunnels with a large rear transom deck along with built in 35 gallon livewell and two storage lockers boxes (or 10 gal crab pots) and a anchor locker that features a anchor hanger, option of 65 gallon leaning post live well and tackle center. All of the hatches are gasketed to keep cargo dry and the receivers feature drain troughs running through them to the rear of the boat to keep everything dry. There are 5 dry lockers in the floor (besides bilge). Two of them being large enough for rod lockers, and the largest one in the floor in front of console used as a insulated fish box and the rear two being dry storage. The spacious console has enough room for any amount of electronics you want, and inside the console it features a built-in commode. All the wiring is easily accessible inside the console and neatly rigged. With the inner liner you have the option of a front deck with a huge amount of storage, or a v-birth seating arrangement option with ample storage, or nothing upfront at all with the possibility of a coffin box mounted to the insulated fish box hatch. There is unlimited options and customizable features we at Barracuda Boatworks can provide you with. The possibilities are endless.

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