Posts from: February 2016


Polonia World Cup 2016 Schedule Poster

Another piece of work for the Polonia World Cup. They needed a few posters to hang that informs the golfers of the schedule for the upcoming days of the tournament.

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Polonia World Cup Banner

Here is the new banner for the 2016 Polonia World Cup, that will be held here in West Palm Beach at the end of February. Each year it gets bigger and bigger. With the evolving brand that I have established, the tournament has gained recognition in the community. I’m glad to be a part of…

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Char-Hut Menu Design

Here is a main menu that I designed while working at Ryan William’s Agency. I came up with the look and feel and carried it throughout all of the various branding elements, including togo menu, in-store digital menu boards, website, print advertisements and more. Let it be noted that I did not design the logo….

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