Ivory Lounge

  • Collateral, Logo & Identity
  • 16 Jun 2009
  • Ivory Lounge

Ivory Lounge is chic and trendy, high-energy nightclub located in the heart of Downtown Sarasota. Many people from Sarasota know this. What they don’t know is that Ivory was suppose to be a Jazz and Blues bar. The name “Ivory” coming from the keys on a piano. The funny thing is, that we didn’t know that it had taken the turn until opening night. So much of the work you see here is based off of the concept that it was going to be a Jazz and Blues club. Personally, I prefer Jazz and Blues concept.

After the quick transition into EDM (Electronic Dance Music), We worked with them for about another year, creating many flyers and promotions (you can see some of them above). Eventually many of the managers friends were dabbling in the design also and the brand ended up getting compromised and eventually diluted until there wasn’t much of a brand left. And so it goes. It was fun though.